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      By Ryan Dunaway in tru Radio Blog
      I've been asked in the past why I do Internet Radio.  The answer is pretty simple.  I have two major loves in my life outside of Family:  Gaming and Music.  Internet radio allows me to combine these loves and share with everyone else that has similar interests.
      This passion started with my first MMO:  City of Heroes.  My adventures in Paragon City led me to discover a Supergroup that was engrossed in bringing music to the citizens of Paragon City that they could enjoy while they were fighting crime and otherwise just hanging out beneath the massive statue of Atlas in Atlas Park.  KFTW:  Radio FTW was my first test of what I could do as a voice inside of a game, and it was to great effectiveness as we were extremely well known throughout the Virtue Server.  When KFTW threw a party, it was something to see.
      The pinnacle of this stretch in my time with KFTW came during one of our parties: The Summer Beach Bash, of which I was DJ'ing and hosting.  There were over a hundred players gathered on the beach having a great time.  

      Due to lag issues with that many people, I had moved to the top of a nearby building and was DJ'ing from the top of this building when all of a sudden, Ghost Widow joined me. Ghost Widow was one of the Developers of City of Heroes and the community manager at the time.  She thanked me and KFTW for our contributions and before I knew it, there were other Devs at the party, hanging out with the player population, and I got a special unique title for the night.  It was amazing!

      Similar situations have happened since then in other games as well.  The most recent was being joined by ANet members during our live shows in Lion's Arch in Guild Wars 2.  We have always made an impact on whatever community we decide to support, and have always had the full support of the Development teams of games we strive to have a presence in.  That means a lot to me.  Games are nothing without a strong community bond and I'm always just happy to do my part to help that out!
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