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    • 7-12-15: A GREAT Day!
      By Ryan Dunaway in tru Radio Blog
      So as those who have read my previous Blog posts, you will know that I started internet Radio over on a game called City of Heroes.  My first MMO love.......

      IS BACK!!!!    Kinda......well....in spirit.....let me explain.
      So the folks over at www.cohtitan.com have been working tirelessly for YEARS to bring back City of Heroes in one form or another.  What they have done is bring the game back from the dead.  Minus the "game" part of it.  You see, while you can re-create your characters in all of their detail, AND you can visit every zone from the game, exactly like it was before, there is only Chat Function for the most part active.
      No Mobs.  No Powers.  No Experience/Leveling/Character Progression of any kind.
      Just Chat.
      So WHY am I excited about this?  It's been YEARS since I've been able to visit Paragon City and it is SO surreal just to walk around and see everything once again from a game I never thought I'd see again.  I mean look at that picture above!  That is Ice Cricket, my Ice/Ice Tanker standing in Pocket D Dance Club, where I used to DJ shows!
      Also, what better venue for me to run a show based on video games than a VIDEO GAME Chat Server??!!  Once we get the ability to run Live shows again (Gabe is working on this as far as I know!), I will be broadcasting LIVE from Paragon City again, running all kinds of events and such.   It's a chat system I know well.
      And that's just the start.  Cohtitan.com is working on getting rights and privelages to add MORE into the ParagonChat system.  Who knows, by this time next year, I may be playing City of Heroes again.  Only time will tell.  I can't believe they have done as much as they have!
      New Music added to Musical ADD!
      Also today I added three new songs to my rotation:  I'll post YouTube links below so you guys can sample them!
      Three great, brand new Mashups added to the show!  Let me know what you think!
    • The Issue I have with Guild Wars 2.
      By Ryan Dunaway in tru Radio Blog
      I did something last night that I haven't done in a long while.  I logged on to Guild Wars 2.  I played for about 30 minutes and shut it off, content that there was still nothing for me to do in that game that I felt like I NEEDED to do.  
      Why is that?
      Guild Wars 2 is an incredibly in-depth game with a TON of things for players to do.  So why is it that I feel absolutely no need to login and do any of it?
      The answer is simple.  I'm a Jaded, selfish, and bored player.  Guild Wars 2 launched with lofty expectations of what it wanted to be.  The creators at ArenaNet wanted to make their MMO be completely different from any other MMO on the market.  They did Dynamic Events that trigger around the world at different times.  You didn't have the traditional "Pick up, complete, return to NPC to turn in" type of quests.  Instead we got Hearts.  There are Dungeons aplenty in the game.  The Guild System is.......better than it used to be? (That's about as best as I can describe it.  It still needs A LOT of work!).  There are Fractals, World Bosses, Skill points to explore, and Achievements.  So after all that, why is it that I find it hard to find something to actually DO in the game?
      Because everything feels old.  Maguuma Wastes?  I've been there.  I've done that.  Dungeons?  They haven't been updated since the addition of the Aetherblade Path in Twilight Arbor, and THAT was the only thing changed about them since launch?  At least it's the only significant change I remember them doing.  I've been there.  I've done that.  Explore the World?  100% on my main character and not much incentive to do that again.  Get a Legendary Weapon and some Ascended Armor!  Nope.  Done.  Also, with the addition of easier ways to do this coming with Heart of Thorns, I have no incentive to want to do this.  And actually that is the root of the problem I have with Guild Wars 2.  Literally since the announcement that ArenaNet was releasing the first ever expansion of Guild Wars 2, the game stopped evolving.  No more two week updates.  No more Living World.  (No, the re-skinning of Lion's Arch that happened recently does not count!).  
      So am I done with Guild Wars 2?  The short term answer is......yeah, pretty much.  I find myself bored out of my mind whenever I log in, dreading spending the time to actually go and do anything because there just isn't any incentive anymore.  I want more.  I want a game that is constantly evolving.  As stated above, ArenaNet and how they have handled this game has made me selfish and jaded.  Guild Wars 2 is a game that becomes stale pretty fast when there isn't new stuff to do and explore, and ArenaNet has created that pretense and now the player base expects it.  We shouldn't.  But we do.  
      So that was the Short term answer.  The Long Term answer is that I will be back in Guild Wars 2 with the launch of Heart of Thorns.  I'm sure a lot will be.  I would have much rathered they have stuck with the "No Expansion" plan and just slowly rolled out all the things they have in the Expansion over time as part of the Living World.  They already had a setup for the Revenant built into the Living Story when Ritlock jumps into the Mists to chase the sword.  They were already expanding into and toward Maguuma.  One update could have solely focused on Guilds and Guild Halls.  It just feels like A-net just took Season 3 of the Living World and decided to not roll it out in their previous style.  Instead they want to bundle it up and give it to us all at once....and have us pay for it.  
      While I understand ArenaNet is a business with a product they want to sell, I don't see why we couldn't have been advancing the story while this was being rolled out.  It feels like they have run with the TV episode theme for new content for two seasons, then decided, oh wait!  If you want to see Season 3, we are only releasing that on DVD, so head to the nearest store and get your copy!!  Just like most people, I'll be the first person in line to get my copy when it is released; but I will not be too happy about it.  The only thing they are really doing in the Expansion that they haven't done in the Living World updates is add a playable class, and the Mastery System.  While this is pretty huge in and of itself, there is nothing saying they COULDN'T have done this in the Living World.  As for the Mastery System, they did the huge change to Skill Points and unlocking GrandMaster Traits last year, and that is pretty significant, so the Mastery System could easily have been something to roll out in a Living World update.
      So to sum this up, the reason I am not happy with ArenaNet isn't because of what is there.  It's because of what hasn't been happening since we heard about the announcement of Heart of Thorns. No updates.  Nothing New.  And ArenaNet completely ignoring things that need to be looked at desperately, like Dungeons, Guild Structure in general, and such just leaves me not wanting to apply myself anymore.
      What are your thoughts on Guild Wars 2 in general at the moment.  I'd love to hear from some people who are not PvE players such as myself.  Is PvP or WvW exciting and New enough to keep you engaged through this stale time?  Let me know in the comments!
      Till next time,
    • Truradio.org in Minecraft!
      By Ryan Dunaway in tru Radio Blog
      For those that aren't already aware; Truradio.org has a public (non-mod) server for Minecraft!  So far, I believe only my wife and I have played in it, and we've been busy.    We are very aware that this is a PUBLIC server and anyone can join, so we have taken special precautions to hide our glorious base.    However; we will share pictures of it for those that may want to come in and hang out.  To join the server, just use truradio.org as the server name!

    • Musical ADD. My show. My Personality shown in music!
      By Ryan Dunaway in tru Radio Blog
      My weekly show runs on Sunday nights and has for the year we spent as NSPRadio over on Guild Wars 2.  In the beginning it went through quite a few interations, but due to my vastly eclectic taste in music, I eventually decided I wanted to just play two things:
      1.  Music my listeners wanted to hear.  ANY music my listeners wanted to hear.  There would be no prejudices here.  Everything was game!  From rick-rolling your best friend via a request (Happened WAY more than once!) to that slow jam that was going to hit your significant other right in the feels.  It didn't matter.  I wanted everyone to hear something they were going to enjoy at some point during the show, and that meant opening up and being open-minded about what got played.  Abba to ZZ Top.  And everything in between.
      2.  Music I wanted to hear.  This applied to slow nights or nights where I just couldn't seem to get the audience in participation mode.  My taste is crazy.  One second I'll be playing Cowboy Troy, then it is AC/DC, then right back to Little Mix with Salute.  It was Musical Whiplash at it's finest!
      Once this was decided, I remembered back to my RadioFTW days and remembered going by the name DJ Random as this was the second and more appropriate name that was given to me by the other DJ's.  (If you couldn't decided what name to go with, like me at first, then they would let you do a dry run show, listen and then suggest a name based on what they heard.  The first name they gave me was DJ Cowboy.  Yes, it was because of my accent, lol).
      Having already picked the name Genogoth (As this was my online identity for decades already.) I knew going by DJ Random again was out of the question.  I decided instead to name the show that I was going to do Live, Musical Random.  Yes, I agree.  It was a horrible name.  After a few other tries at finding something fitting, I came to the conclusion that Musical ADD was as good as anything and extremely well descriptive about what everyone was about to get into.
      It wasn't until MUCH later that the show morphed into this Megamix/Mashup idea.  And now, here we are.  Having a blast each and every Sunday night, being ADD about the games we play along with the music we are listening to!
      Let me know what you think of the show.  Something you want to hear?  Something specific you want me to play during the show?  Get a hold of me and let me know! 
    • Why I do this.
      By Ryan Dunaway in tru Radio Blog
      I've been asked in the past why I do Internet Radio.  The answer is pretty simple.  I have two major loves in my life outside of Family:  Gaming and Music.  Internet radio allows me to combine these loves and share with everyone else that has similar interests.
      This passion started with my first MMO:  City of Heroes.  My adventures in Paragon City led me to discover a Supergroup that was engrossed in bringing music to the citizens of Paragon City that they could enjoy while they were fighting crime and otherwise just hanging out beneath the massive statue of Atlas in Atlas Park.  KFTW:  Radio FTW was my first test of what I could do as a voice inside of a game, and it was to great effectiveness as we were extremely well known throughout the Virtue Server.  When KFTW threw a party, it was something to see.
      The pinnacle of this stretch in my time with KFTW came during one of our parties: The Summer Beach Bash, of which I was DJ'ing and hosting.  There were over a hundred players gathered on the beach having a great time.  

      Due to lag issues with that many people, I had moved to the top of a nearby building and was DJ'ing from the top of this building when all of a sudden, Ghost Widow joined me. Ghost Widow was one of the Developers of City of Heroes and the community manager at the time.  She thanked me and KFTW for our contributions and before I knew it, there were other Devs at the party, hanging out with the player population, and I got a special unique title for the night.  It was amazing!

      Similar situations have happened since then in other games as well.  The most recent was being joined by ANet members during our live shows in Lion's Arch in Guild Wars 2.  We have always made an impact on whatever community we decide to support, and have always had the full support of the Development teams of games we strive to have a presence in.  That means a lot to me.  Games are nothing without a strong community bond and I'm always just happy to do my part to help that out!
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